Corpoate Materials

Yip’s Chemical Holdings Limited, formerly known as Hang Cheung Hong, was established in 1971 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1991. The Group focuses on the production and sales of petrochemical products, including solvents, coatings, inks and lubricants. It is the largest producer of acetate solvents in the world, China’s largest manufacturer of inks and one of the leading coating brands in the country.

Yip's Chemical, headquartered in Hong Kong, has a Group R&D Centre in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park. Various manufacturing plants spread all over China and the Group boasts a distribution network that covers all major provinces and cities. Brands operated under the Group include “Bauhinia” for paints, “Bauhinia Variegata” for inks, “Hang Cheung Coating” for industrial paints, “Hercules” for automotive lubricants and “Pacoil” for specialty lubricants.

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