The Group has been producing lubricants since 1992 and is now supplying a complete range of automotive, industrial and specialty lubricants under the Hercules and Pacoil brand names.

The Hercules lubricants consist of range of automotive and industrial lubrication products including engine oils, antifreezes, system coolants, brake fluids, greases, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, heat conducting oils, slideway oils, compressor oils and circulating oils. The lubricating oil Hercules developed specifically for use in methanol fuel engines has successfully been recognised as a key achievement by the National High-tech R&D Programme (the “863 Programme”). The high performance Pacoil specialty lubricants are mainly used in umpteen industries in metal processing, automobiles, home appliances, electronics, steel, toys, power generation, cement, textiles, foundry, plastics, chemicals, paper making, glass as well as wires and cables. With a countrywide sales network, Pacoil is one of the competitive specialty lubricant brands in China.

For further information about our lubricants business, please visit the website of Yip's Lubricant Limited at

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